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Points to Note
♦Points to note regarding the application
· Applicants are required to bear all expenses incurred in connection with their application.
· Prizewinners shall bear the taxes and charges in connection with the receipt of their prizes.
· No response shall be given to any inquiry or complaint in connection with the screening results for the contest.
· Applicants shall be deemed to have agreed to the conditions stated in application conditions for the contest at the point at which the application is submitted. The sponsor shall reserve the final decision over items not specified in the conditions. Applicants may withdraw their applications if they are unable to agree to decisions of the sponsor. Applicants shall bear all expenses in connection with the withdrawal of their applications.
· The sponsor may cancel or postpone the acceptance of entries, in part or in full when it is believed there is a risk to the smooth administration of the contest, its safety, fairness in screening and the like due to any reason beyond its control, including network problems, computer viruses and unauthorized server access. Please bear this in mind.
· Every care shall be taken in handling the entered works. The sponsor and the partner company, however, shall not be liable for any accident, damage, loss or the like that may occur in the course of data transmission.
· The sponsor and the partner company shall not be liable for any incident due to circumstances beyond their control, including a network problems, computer viruses and unauthorized server access, or any losses that applicants incur under these circumstances.
· The sponsor and the partner company shall not be liable for any losses that applicants incur in connection with their application to the contest, unless any willful misconduct or gross negligence exists on the part of the sponsor or the partner company.
· When any subject with portrait rights or any copyrighted literary work appears in any photo an applicant enters, the applicant is requested to obtain in advance permission to use the photos and approval from the holders of any rights, including photographic subjects and the original authors, before submitting the application. The same rule applies to the photographs of models and the like taken during a photo session. The sponsor and the partner company shall not be liable for any claims, complaints or formal objections with regard to the infringement of rights or compensation for losses from third parties. Applicants shall deal with all such claims, complaints and formal objections themselves.
· Applicants agree that the sponsor and the partner company shall not be liable for any disputes or the like that may arise among applicants and any losses that may result from such problems.
♦Rights of applicants
· The copyrights for entered photos and the rights equivalent thereto shall belong to applicants. The sponsor, however, shall have the rights prescribed in the following "rights of the sponsor" over photos selected for prizes.
♦Rights of the sponsor
· The right to the primary use of prizewinning photos shall belong to the sponsor.
· The sponsor shall have permanent, nonexclusive rights to publish, duplicate, announce, publicly transmit, exhibit, print, distribute and screen the prizewinning photos on websites, at photo exhibitions, at trade shows and at other facilities managed or sponsored by the sponsor or local agents certified by the sponsor, free of charge, without obtaining the permission of the prizewinner, for the purpose of publicizing the contest. The prizewinners shall not exercise any rights based on the authors' personal rights against such conduct.
· The sponsor shall announce the names of the prizewinners and the titles of their prizewinning work on the websites, exhibitions and other places related to the contest. Applicants are requested to consult the "Personal Information" section of this website as well.
· Applications shall be disqualified when the sponsor judges they do not conform to the conditions for application. Applicants that have been disqualified are not notified. The sponsor may cancel prizes and ask applicants to return any items awarded when it is brought to light that an applicant has been disqualified after the prizes have been announced.
· These requirements for application shall be construed and interpreted under the laws of Japan.
· The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance over any dispute when such dispute arises between any applicant and the sponsor.
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